Kingsway Fellowship International offers FIVE levels of credentials for Christian Ministers and Evangelists


*Most credential applications are completed within 5-10 business days

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When starting your ministry, many organizations require you to have credentials from a Federal government approved establishment.

Receiving credentials not only recognizes the call of God on your life, but ensures you are qualified to lead.


Picking the right ministry partner can be daunting, but we are here to help. We know that...

  • Choosing the wrong partner can leave you feeling alone and unempowered.
  • There may not be a defined path for growth, especially as a spirit-filled minister.
  • Connection, acceptance, spiritual health, restoration and fellowship may not be a priority for some ministry partners.

Kingsway Fellowship International helps you excel in every stage of ministry. Our credentialing services allow you the opportunity to reach your fullest potential as a Spirit-led minister of God. When you become a member, we devote time for your spiritual health, pray for your regularly, stay connected and invested as you grow in your calling. We would be honored to be your ministry partner.

Start your journey today! 

Read each level and apply for the membership that fits your needs. 

Christian Worker

You are actively involved in the local church or a religious organization typically serving in the ministry of helps. You desire to minister in evangelism, nursing homes, hospital visitation, jail ministry and...

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You are actively serving as an apprentice under an Ordained or Licensed Minister. You are submitted to their guidance with a focus on a leadership role or a desire for pulpit ministry. You are willing to...

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Licensed Minister

You have established proof of a “call of God” on your life and you're actively involved in Christian ministry. You're also working to obtain a theological or ministry degree and/or you have moderate life experience...

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Ordained Minister

You are an active licensed minister (two plus years) with a proven successful ministry track record and a theology ministry degree or extensive life experience of five years or more as a lead pastor or president of...

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KFI Partner

You desire fellowship, support, access to networking, educational opportunities and the shared expertise of the Kingsway Fellowship...

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