KFI Partner

Apply to be a Kingsway Partner if...

You have a desire for fellowship, access to networking, educational opportunities and the shared expertise of the members, churches and religious organizations of Kingsway Fellowship International. Whether you currently hold credentials with another organization or you want to start your journey with Kingsway, we would love to have you as a Partner.

Call: (515) 283-0197


KFI Partner Application Online

Please follow Step 1 below and apply to be a KFI Partner online. After completing the form below, you will receive an email from Kingsway Fellowship International with next steps to complete the application. If you did not receive an email please reach out to a representative at our office at (515) 283-0197. (Be sure to check your spam folder as well.).

Step 1

KFI Partner Application

Please complete the application below to begin.

Note: After clicking the submit button above, be sure to check your inbox and follow the next steps to complete your application. Then, proceed to step 2 and step 3 below.

 How Much Does it Cost to Become KFI Partner?

Kingsway has four options for KFI Partners depending on your personal situation. The pricing below is for the United States. 

*Please note that International credential costs may vary. 


Step 2: Choose Your Payment Option Below:

To expedite your application for a new KFI Partner credentials, you must choose an option below and submit payment with your application. If you need to make arrangements or want to speak to a representative first about International credential costs, call our office at (515) 283-0197.

KFI Partner - Payment in Full

Thank you for choosing Kingsway as your partner in ministry. 

Use this payment option unless you are retired, disabled or on a fixed income.

There is a one-time application fee of $25.

As a KFI Partner, you agree to pledge a minimum of $150 per year ($12.50/month) as your tithe/offering to the ministry to fulfill your commitment.

Your Payment Total is $175*


KFI Partner - Payment Plan Option

Kingsway accepts payment plan options for KFI Partners who are retired, disabled or on a fixed income and can't make their payment in full.

There is a one-time application fee of $25.

To begin the payment plan, you'll need to pay the first three months of tithes/offerings ($12.50/month) now. Then, make payment arrangements through our office to fulfill a minimum commitment of $150/year.

Your Payment Plan Installment is $62.50*

Call To Make An Arrangement: (515) 283-0197

 Step 3: Send Your Documents to Kingsway

Send the following documents to Kingsway Fellowship International to be processed along with your KFI Partner application:

1. Ministry History

If you have a Biblical degree, send a copy of your transcripts or your graduation certificate. Also, if you have taken courses in related fields of Ministry, send a copy of your transcripts.

If you do not have a Theology degree, include a copy of your Christian Service Resume documenting your ministerial experience.

2. Citizenship Information

If you are here on a Green Card or Visa, please send a copy. For Visa, make sure the expiration date can clearly be seen as well as the type of Visa.

3. Credentials

If you previously held credentials or presently hold credentials, submit a copy of your card or certificate. 

4. Ministerial Recommendations

We need two recommendations completed by a Pastor, Administrator, Christian Leader or Bible College Director.

How to Send Documents to Kingsway:

Option 1: Email

Email the documents OR

Scan and email a copy of your documents to:

[email protected]


Option 2: Fax

Fax a copy of your documents to:

(515) 283-0198


Option 3: Mail

To mail a copy of your documents, send to:

3707 SW 9th, Des Moines, IA 50315-3047


Please note: We can not begin to process your application until we receive 1) your completed application, 2) the extra documents mentioned above, 3) along with payment. With complete information in hand, the approval process normally takes 5-10 business days.