Ministerial Recommendation

Your reference is an important part of our evaluation process. All recommendations will remain confidential. 

Recommendations must be completed by a Pastor, Administrator, Christian Leader or Bible College Director.

Call: (515) 283-0197

Download a Ministerial Recommendation Form and submit it to Kingsway's office as soon as possible. 

Follow these Steps:

1. Download the form.

2. Fill out the form completely and sign it. This can be completed digitally, or by printing it out. 

3. Return to Kingsway for processing by email or fax. 

CLICK HERE to Download

How to return a completed reference form:


Option 1: Email

Email the digital PDF form OR

Scan and email a copy of your documents to:

[email protected]


Option 2: Fax

Fax a copy of your documents to:

(515) 283-0198


Option 3: Mail

To mail a copy of your documents, send to:

3707 SW 9th, Des Moines, IA 50315-3047


Please note: We can not begin to process any credential application until we receive your completed ministerial reference form.

Thank you in advance for returning this form quickly.

Kingsway Fellowship International



Call: (515) 283-0197