Ministerial Recommendation

Your reference is an important part of our evaluation process. All recommendations will remain confidential. 

Recommendations must be completed by a Pastor, Administrator, Christian Leader or Bible College Director.

Call: (515) 283-0197

Download a Ministerial Recommendation Form and submit it to Kingsway's office as soon as possible. 

Follow these Steps:

1. Download the form

2. Fill it out completely and sign

3. Return to Kingsway for processing

CLICK HERE to Download

How to return a completed reference form:


Scan and email a copy of your documents to:

[email protected]


Fax a copy of your documents to:

(515) 283-0198


To mail a copy of your documents, send to:

3707 SW 9th, Des Moines, IA 50315-3047


Please note: We can not begin to process any credential application until we receive your completed ministerial reference form.

Thank you in advance for returning this form quickly.

Kingsway Fellowship International



Call: (515) 283-0197