Apply for Christian Worker Credentials

How to Become a Credentialed Christian Worker

You are actively involved in the local church or a religious organization typically serving in the ministry of helps. You desire to minister and evangelize. You feel called to nursing homes, hospital visitations, jail ministry or similar areas of ministry. 

Applying for a Christian Worker credential proves you're accountable to the local church and backed by a trustworthy ordained licensed minister. Christian Workers often realize they are called by God and proceed into higher education and ministry training.

Call: (515) 283-0197


Christian Worker Credential Application

This Christian workers credential application has been designed to help us get to know you and your ministry (not to question any phase of your life or calling). Please answer sincerely. Thank you.

Before you begin the Christian worker application process, you'll want to make sure you have the following available (if applicable):

  • Your home church information: (Name, Address, Phone and your Pastor's name)
  • If you are here on a Visa, you will need to provide the type and expiration date
  • Ministry History: Have your ministry experience and/or educational experience handy
  • Two licensed or ordained ministry references who are familiar with your ministry. (You will need their name, organization name, address and best phone number where they can be reached)

With this information in hand, you'll need approximately 15-30 minutes to complete your application. We highly recommend using a PC or laptop.

Step 1

Apply for Christian Worker Credentials

Please complete this application in full and explain in detail when needed. For the fields that do not pertain to you, leave blank or use "NA" for not applicable.

Note: after clicking the submit button above, proceed to Step 2 and Step 3 below. Don't hesitate to call with any questions. You can reach a member of our staff at (515) 283-0197.

 Step 2

Christian Worker Credentials Cost

Choose Your Payment Option Below:

Christian Worker - Payment in Full

Thank you for choosing Kingsway as your partner in ministry. 

Use this payment option unless you are retired, disabled or on a fixed income.

There is a one-time application fee of $25.

As a Christian Worker, you agree to pledge a minimum of $150 per year ($12.50/month) as your tithe/offering to the ministry to fulfill your commitment.

Your Payment Total is $175


Christian Worker - Payment Plan Option

Kingsway accepts payment plan options for Christian Workers who are retired, disabled or on a fixed income and can't make their payment in full.

There is a one-time application fee of $25.

To begin the payment plan, you'll need to pay the first three months of tithes/offerings ($12.50/month) now. Then, make payment arrangements through our office to fulfill a minimum commitment of $150/year.

Your Payment Plan Installment is $62.50

Call To Make An Arrangement: (515) 283-0197


Step 3

Send the following documents to Kingsway Fellowship International to be processed along with your application:

1. Ministry History

If you have a Biblical degree, send a copy of your transcripts or your graduation certificate. Also, if you have taken courses in related fields of Ministry, send a copy of your transcripts.

If you do not have a Theology degree, include a copy of your Christian Service Resume documenting your ministerial experience.

2. Citizenship Information

If you are here on a Green Card or Visa, please send a copy. For Visa, make sure the expiration date can clearly be seen as well as the type of Visa.

3. Credentials

If you previously held credentials or presently hold credentials, submit a copy of your card or certificate. 

Scan and email a copy of your documents to:

[email protected]


Fax a copy of your documents to:

(515) 283-0198


To mail a copy of your documents, send to:

3707 SW 9th, Des Moines, IA 50315-3047


Please note: We can not begin to process your application until we receive 1) your completed application, 2) payment and 3) the extra documents mentioned above. With complete information in hand, the approval process normally takes 5-10 business days.