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Laying the Foundations - Volumes I, II and III

Volume I will cover a basic understanding of bibliology, theology and angelology. Volume II will cover a basic understanding of the doctrine of Man, Christ and Sin. Volume III will cover a basic understanding of the doctrine of Atonement, Salvation and The Holy Spirit.

Each Volume is $60

Normal Christian Living

What does Christian maturity look like? This study will identify some key landmarks to guide us in the quest for normal Christian living and spiritual maturity. 

This course is $60

God's Leadership Plan

The correct attitude in serving is very vital to the effectiveness of ministry. This course provides the proper attitudes and desires of the leader. Walk the walk…and leave a good trail.   

This course is $60

Bible Ethics for Leaders and Workers

This course involves a wide spectrum of practical church & ministry activities. Areas such as altar ministry, soul winning, character building and the giving of respect and honor.  

This course is $60

Strengthening Your Leadership Characteristics

We will look to King David, God’s example for leadership. Take a closer look at the life of a unique mortal man and let his life encourage you to effectively serve your generation by the will of God.  

This course is $60

The Grace of God

This study considers the message that establishes believers in Christ and will cause them to grow in faith. The doctrinal truth found in Titus reveals, explains and expounds upon a full understanding of the “Grace of God.”  

This course is $60