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One of the keys to success in Ministry is having the right resources. No matter the amount of talent one possesses, it can only function effectively if it has the proper help. So it is with ministers and their Ministries—the more resources at their disposal, the greater chance of success. KFI can offer several resources to the minister that will assist them in completing their God-given assignments.



The minister of the Gospel needs to be credentialed because it is proof that they are known to be qualified and have achieved the necessary experience or education. It states that the minister has displayed personal qualities through their character and has the background for their qualification.

KFI offers four levels of credentials. Each level is a stepping stone to advancing in ministerial experience and maturity. The first level is a Christian worker. This minister is involved in “the ministry of help” of the local church and needs accreditation to visit patients in the hospital, nursing homes, jails, etc. They are an extension of the local church ministry to shut-ins and outreaches. The next level is Lay-Exhorter. They are actively serving as an apprentice under the supervision of a licensed/ordained minister. The third level is the entrance into a vocation of ministry and establishes the minister is “called of God” in one of the five-fold ministry gifts and is actively involved in ministry. The final level is ordained. They are recognized as an actively licensed minister for two or more years, having either a theology degree or extensive life experience.


Organizational Structure

KFI provides church and religious charters. These charters will authorize ministers’ organizations to nonprofit 501c3 status with the IRS. It is how organizations have the authority to give donor receipts for tithes/offerings. We offer this service at a much lower cost than securing an attorney. Our step-by-step process to apply and register your organization in your state simplifies the procedure. To ensure safety and protection, each organization must draft articles of incorporation and bylaws. We provide proven samples of each. You can customize them to your organizational needs. In the literature, we provide a booklet on the necessity of organizing a legal entity filled with information on the benefits of chartering, what type of charter, and some common errors and misconceptions in giving donor receipts. It includes information on how to incorporate appropriate and the organization's governing board. KFI has been in existence for over 50 years and has documented some of that experience concerning accounting in a booklet called “Basic Office Procedures for Churches and Religious Organizations.” We make it available to our members.



The gospel cannot be effective unless it is communicated. A proper media strategy will communicate your message on a mass level. We plan to use social media platforms to encourage, inspire and instruct our members in the work of the Kingdom. In 2021 we launched a devotional called “K-Life” to speak into the hearts of our members. We plan to share testimonies and messages of God’s goodness and power over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We distribute a biannual magazine of articles, stories, conference schedules, and testimonies of mission works worldwide.



Successful Ministry requires navigating through challenging issues and turbulent situations. KFI offers guidance through shared expertise in its membership. We have many experience, willing and available ministers who would share those experiences with those who desire it. To the minister who is working through obtaining non-profit (501c3) status, we have individuals in the home office who can guide you through the process. It is refreshing to connect with a “real” person on the other end of the phone when needing answers to pressing questions.


Annual Conferences

KFI offers many conferences throughout the year. Presently we have seven regional and one-word conferences. These conferences are held in Florida, the Southeast region, Michigan, the Great lakes region Missouri Kansas City, Iowa, Des Moines pastors and leaders conference, Illinois men's and women's conferences, Iowa, and Missouri, respectively. Our world conference is held in October and rotates to different cities.

These conferences are designed to be a resource to our members in fellowship connections, networking of ministries, workshops, preaching teaching sessions, and to display our missionaries and missions’ works throughout the world.

We gather together as the Church of fellow ministers by Acts 2:42, and they continued steadfastly in the apostle’s doctrine and fellowship and breaking of bread and prayers.



Resources are for more than maintaining an existence in your ministry. It is necessary for growing and thriving. That's our desire to grow the kingdom of God. I'm sure that is your desire as well. So, “Let’s GROW TOGETHER.”

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