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God calls every believer to Ministry in the body of Christ. Some are called to lead, and others to serve. Education is essential for both, especially the leader. We believe the strength of the church lies in the quality of leadership. Quality leaders are educated leaders. Our vision and passion are to build leadership through education and strengthen the local church.

Education has many advantages for the leader. You gain confidence because college-level experiences provided exposure to various topics and thought leaders that will help you expand your horizons. It will improve your discipline by directing your focus on getting things done. Classes go beyond the basics to build a Christian worldview that demonstrates how God works, and the principles of scripture can be applied to Ministry. Studying the scriptures makes passion and confirms your calling. When you know you're calling, you discover your purpose and passion. Exploring identity issues will uncover more of who You are and what you know. Knowledge will lead you down the path of learning more about God and his will; then, you will discover the gifts and abilities you have to serve God and his people.


Kingsway Leadership Institute

KLI is designed to assist pastors in preparing spiritual leaders by equipping them with a solid foundation rooted in Scripture. The MIT minister in the training course of study will equip leaders in the ”ministry of help” in the local church. It also prepares leaders who desire to go on into higher levels of ministry. MIT focuses on three key elements: biblical knowledge (doctrine), leadership principles, and Ministry development. We work in providing oversight, accountability, and Ministry development. There are eight courses of study for completion and can be done correspondently. After the eight courses of study, you will receive a certificate of completion that will also transfer as courts credit to other higher learning institutions, especially those associated with Kingsway fellowship International.

KFI will accept an application for credentials of a Christian worker or Lay-Exhorter upon the recommendation of their local pastor to begin on the path of ministerial training and qualifications.


Ministry-In-Training (MIT) Associate Church

KLI wants to partner with local churches to train leaders and workers to serve within the body of Christ. It is because the church has been given the mandate to make disciples. Many disciples grow into leadership positions that provide all the necessary parts to a fruitful local church. The church’s strength, longevity, and vitality are in the hands of godly, qualified leadership. If we advance the gospel in our generation and extend it to the next generation, then it is crucial that we discover, recruit, train and release leadership to grow and expand the Church of Jesus Christ.

The MIT associate church member will receive one copy of the eight-course syllabus as a hard copy or on a thumb drive, teaching outlines, and answer keys. They are qualified to receive printed copies at a deep discount (40%-50%) or accepted printing rights at a small cost. One of the benefits of this membership is that each local church has the resources to train their workers/leaders and circulate some extra financial resources simultaneously. Another benefit is that those leaders in the MIT training recognize the “call of God” in their lives, and you can guide them into what God has assigned them to do.


Canon Christian College

CCC is the teaching/training ministry of Kingsway fellowship International. Our God-given mission is to assist our ministers and churches in obeying the scriptural mandate in Ephesians 4:11-16 “to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. Our vision and passion are to build leadership and strengthen the local church. We are committed to providing you with quality Christian education and spiritual discipline. An internship/practicum or correspondent studies will qualify students to obtain a degree in various “fields” of study. The result is a distinctive graduate who has journeyed on a pathway of spiritual learning, leadership development, walking in step with God, and being equipped for life and Ministry.

We have prepared a “leader’s” path for you, one that differs from most colleges. We believe the Holy Spirit has inspired this pathway to educate men and women who might have to maintain full or part-time employment while preparing themselves for the work of the Lord.

We believe that a student's life experiences and Ministry before the Lord are valuable. The experience becomes as an apprentice - learning while doing. Therefore, we give collegiate credit for Christian life experience, practical Ministry, and helpful service.

Students who have completed courses from other universities will receive transferred credits into a degree program with CCC. Those students wanting to transfer course credits can have an evaluation completed before enrolling in a degree program. Therefore, knowing what courses they will need to satisfy the requirements of the desired degree. CCC offers degrees for undergraduate and graduate levels of study. The stories are Diploma, Associate of Arts, Bachelors, Masters of Arts, and Doctoral. The fields of study are Theology, Divinity, Pastoral Theology, Ministry, and Christian Administration.

Please send a catalog that gives full curriculum details, degrees of study, application, enrollment, and cost.

It is wisdom that will help you make the proper decision for your life. We believe we have a “Leader’s” path for the disciple of Jesus Christ who desires to study his word and lead in his kingdom.

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