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For the Body of Christ to come into fullness of the stature of Christ, we must first come into the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God. (Eph 4:13)  In other words, the body can only grow into maturity as we grow together.  That means that every part of the body has to continue to grow. Education is essential in growth, whether you serve in a ministry office or minister in the marketplace.  We believe that the strength of the church lies in the quality of leadership.  Quality leaders are educated leaders.  Our vision and passion is to build leadership through education, therefore strengthening the local church.

Education has many advantages for the leader.  Studying the Scriptures increases the knowledge of the Son of God, resulting in increased faith, equipping you not only to share the gospel but to demonstrate the Kingdom of God.  You will gain confidence because college-level  experiences provide exposure to various topics and connect you to thought leaders that will help you expand your capacity. As you grow in maturity, you will also grow in clarity in your purpose and your place in the Body of Christ.  As we grow as individuals, the Body of Christ grows as well.


Kingsway Leadership Institute

Kingsway Leadership Institute is raising a new generation of Kingdom Leaders. At KLI it is our purpose to partner with the local church in order to train and equip members to take their place, whether that be in the home or the church, the marketplace or the mission field.  These programs are designed to equip you to step into your kingdom assignment.  In each program you can expect to receive video instruction from our instructors, as well as course notes and assignments that will both encourage and challenge you.  Students will be invited to join in a live video session each month, as well as in person events throughout the year. 

Kingdom Leader

The Kingdom Leader is a foundational 12 course program designed to equip you to lead in your assignment for the Kingdom.  Students will come away with a deeper understanding of foundational Bible doctrine and the purpose of the Church; as well as develop leadership qualities and conflict resolution.  Each of the courses are designed to increase your spiritual knowledge and deepen your relationship with Christ, as a result your life will forever be changed by the power of God. 

Kingdom Revivalist

The Kingdom Revivalist is a 12 course program designed to fan the flame of personal revival and prepare you to carry the spirit of revival wherever you go.  You will be equipped in areas such as spiritual warfare and healing evangelism, as well as sustaining your intimacy with Christ. Throughout the program you will receive training and impartation from some of the leading voices in this generation resulting in an influential voice of revival. 

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Canon Christian College

CCC is the collegiate teaching/training ministry of Kingsway Fellowship International. Our God-given mission is to assist our ministers and churches in obeying the scriptural mandate in Ephesians 4:11-16 “to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. Our vision and passion are to build leadership and strengthen the local church. We are committed to providing you with quality Christian education and spiritual discipline. An internship/practicum and correspondent studies will qualify students to obtain a degree in various fields of study. The result is a distinctive graduate who has journeyed on a pathway of spiritual learning, leadership development, walking in step with God, and being equipped for life and ministry.

We have prepared a leader’s path for you, one that differs from most colleges. We believe the Holy Spirit has inspired this pathway to educate men and women who might have to maintain full or part-time employment while preparing themselves for the work of the Lord.

We believe that a student's life experiences and Ministry before the Lord are valuable. The experience becomes as an apprentice - learning while doing. Therefore, we give collegiate credit for Christian life experience, practical Ministry, and helpful service.

Students who have completed courses from other universities will receive transferred credits into a degree program with CCC. Those students wanting to transfer course credits can have an evaluation completed before enrolling in a degree program. Therefore, knowing what courses they will need to satisfy the requirements of the desired degree. CCC offers degrees for undergraduate and graduate levels of study:  Diploma, Associate of Arts, Bachelors, Masters of Arts, and Doctoral. The fields of study are Theology, Divinity, Pastoral Theology, Ministry, and Christian Administration.

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