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The Kingdom Leader is a foundational 12 course program designed to equip you to lead in your assignment for the Kingdom. Students will come away with a deeper understanding of foundational Bible doctrine and the purpose of the Church; as well as develop leadership qualities and conflict resolution. Each of the courses are designed to increase your spiritual knowledge and deepen your relationship with Christ. As a result your life will forever be changed by the power of God.


Upon completion of each program students will receive a certificate of completion. Students who desire to pursue full time ministry can apply for ministerial credentials through Kingsway Fellowship International. Courses completed at Kingsway Leadership Institute can be transferred into a degree program with Canon Christian College.


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Kingdom Leader - Go and Make Disciples

Here are the courses offered through the Kingdom Leadership Program.

#1   Foundational Doctrine I

We believe that a person’s actions are determined by what they believe, both in daily living and in quality of leadership. In this course we will seek to understand the foundational biblical doctrines. The purpose is to state somewhat briefly, but as completely as possible the beliefs or doctrines fundamental to Christianity and provide the scripture to show why we believe them. Foundational Doctrine 1 covers: Bibliology, Theology, Angelology, Anthropology, and sin. The student should expect to have a grasp on these foundational teachings; to know the truth of scripture, and understand why they believe what they believe.

#2   Kingdom Leadership I

God is looking for leaders, for those who are willing to lay aside their own ambitions todo his will. The course looks at the difference between spiritual leadership and natural leadership and develops the qualities of both. Students will receive tools for self evaluation, as well as insights to apply both personally and in leadership positions.

#3   Grace of God

The grace of God may be more than what one has come to understand. It is both what establishes us as believers in Christ as well as what will cause us to grow in faith. The course studies the doctrinal truth found in Titus that reveals, explains and expounds upon a full understanding of the grace of God. We will also look at what the mature Christian will look like, and identify some key landmarks to guide us on this path.

#4   Anointing for Ministry

Jesus ministered on the Earth by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Today we are called to minister by that same anointing. This course will dive into understanding the anointing, the gifts that it flows through, and the multiplication of the corporate anointing. Students will receive understanding of both what the anointing is and how to flow in it.

#5   Fruit of the Spirit

In this course we will look at the entire book of Galatians for a greater understanding of the difference  between the works of the flesh and the fruit of the Spirit. Then dive deep into each aspect of fruit. Producing the fruit of the Spirit in your life is about learning to live life from the Spirit inside of you. As we learn to live from the spirit, it will affect our mind, will, and emotions, then our body, and the world around us.

#6   Gifts from God

Every good and perfect gift comes down from our Father in heaven. In this course we will look specifically at three types of gifts: Gifts from the Father to individuals (Romans12), Gifts from Jesus to the Church (Ephesians 4), and the gifts of the Holy Spirit (1Corinthians 12). In studying these gifts we seek to gain knowledge that will lead to experience in walking in them.

#7   Foundational Doctrine II

This course will build upon the study from Foundational Doctrine I; covering the subjects of The Lord Jesus Christ, atonement, salvation, and the Holy Spirit. The student should expect to have a grasp on these foundational teachings; to know the truth of scripture, and understand why they believe what they believe. The purpose of these courses is to build a solid foundation on the Word of God.

#8   Kingdom Leadership II

This course will continue to strengthen the Kingdom Leader as we look into God’s design for leadership as well as laws of leadership. Students will be equipped to serve in leadership in many capacities throughout the local church and the Kingdom as a whole.

#9   Kingdom Prayer

God has called us to partner with Him to expand the Kingdom, more than anything else we do, that happens through our prayer life. This course will look at the authority God has given the believer, and how to use that authority in prayer. Students will be equipped to pray, not only for themselves, but to impact the culture around them.

#10   The New Testament Church and its Ministries

This course will look at God’s purpose for the church in the scope of His eternal plan for His people. We will cover topics including what the church is and what it is not, the church and the kingdom, as well as church government. The student will come away with a clearer understanding of the church globally and locally.

#11   Conflict Resolution

In this world you will have conflict, and the way you resolve it will have a great effect on one’s quality of leadership. This course will look at the biblical approach to conflict resolution, as well as practical tips and solutions.

#12   Organizational Health

Success in ministry is not achieved only by gifts and talents of the individual. Because no man is an island, individuals must collaborate to create an organizational structure. Learn how four key elements of an organization will determine the success of the ministry. These elements of mission, vision, values, and culture will be covered in detail in this course.

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Kingsway Leadership Institute is raising a new generation of Kingdom Leaders. At KLI it is our purpose to partner with the local church in order to train and equip members to take their place, whether that be in the home or the church, the marketplace or the mission field. These programs are designed to equip you to step into your kingdom assignment. In each program you can expect to receive video instruction from our instructors, as well as course notes and assignments that will both encourage and challenge you. Students will be invited to join in a live video session each month, as well as in person events throughout the year.

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